Products and services

Integrated digital technologies and solutions


Workplace digitization solutions

It is a system of ICT-based equipment for monitoring or managing work resources and processes.


Internet of Things systems

These are technologies that allow electronic devices (mechanisms, devices, etc.) to exchange information with each other through interfaces with Internet networks.


Cloud technologies

To enable data and applications to be stored and accessed online.


Horizontal integration solutions

A system of ICT-based equipment designed to integrate, monitor, and manage horizontal processes in an organization by engaging in an external shared value chain or involving key partners in its corporate ecosystem.


Vertical integration solutions

A system of information and communication technology-based equipment for integrating, monitoring and managing vertical processes in an organization from product development, raw material purchasing to production, logistics, maintenance and sales.


Information switching networks

Hardware and software for the collection, storage, processing and transmission of manufacturing process data using high-speed fiber-optic and / or wireless high-speed networks (4G and 5G).


Enterprise resource management systems

Combined with production processes is the management technology of the main business processes (planning, purchasing, logistics, equipment, marketing, sales, finance, personnel) based on information technology and sensor solutions.


Cyber security solutions

A set of ICT-based equipment, organizational and technical tools to prevent, detect, analyze and respond to cyber incidents, as well as to restore the normal operation of electronic communications networks, information systems or industrial process management systems in the event of such incidents.


Operational production management systems

Systems for monitoring production processes, collecting and analyzing information on the processing of raw materials into finished products, enabling production management decision-makers to understand how technological processes in the production process chains can be optimized to increase productivity and / or quality.


Robotic technology

An automatically controlled, reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator, programmable on three or more axes, which can be mounted in a fixed position or slidably and is intended for industrial use.


Digital engineering solutions

A system of information and communication technology-based equipment for the development of new products or services (digital modeling, design, simulation, layout and modeling) (such as CAD / CAM / CAE solutions and equipment.


Smart maintenance and service solutions

An information and communication technology-based equipment system that allows you to monitor and manage your company’s equipment and perform technology maintenance.


Automation and automation technologies for industry

Automatically operating equipment and mechanisms controlled by computers.


3D printing technologies

Production of a three-dimensional solid object of practically any shape from a digital model, when objects are created in a sequential layering technique during an additive process.


Automation and automation technologies for industry

Automatically operated equipment and machinery controlled by computers.


Smart sensors, controllers

Sensors and controllers for the control of production facilities, enabling the integration of new and / or upgraded existing production equipment into a common system for the automatic control of the production process.

The cluster offers the following services to companies:


Development of unique digital technologies and IT solutions


Assessment of the need for digitization of business processes


Design of business process digitization technologies


Implementation of digital technologies


Staff training to work with digital technologies


Maintaining and updating the functioning of digital technologies